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In recent years Africa has suffered from violent service delivery related protests, Thisincrease in protests happens alongside the perceived loss of legitimacy of traditional instruments of public expression such as elections. Meanwhile the public purse is shrinking due to persistent remnants of the 2008 global financial crisis, the drop-in prices of commodity goods and increased service delivery demand expansions due to urbanisation. African countries are predominately participatory constitutional democracies The basic rights and of individuals as well as the promotion of citizen participation are generally enshrined in constitutions. Several instruments do exist to optimise the participation of citizens in the process of public policy formulation, implementation, and monitoring. However, there is still a failure to reach the intended audiences leaving many alienated. What is required is an affordable, accessible platform to capture and address the voices of citizens in a manner that makes them feel included.Not enough Africans have a computer, but almost all possess a smartphone /cellphone. Indeed, mobile penetration rate now exceeds 133 percent in some African countries CitizenComm,is a cloud-based Mobile Services Platform that taps into the knowledge of citizens by enabling the submission of reports, reviews & complaints on different issues to their local authority. and government is able to respond to incidents by addressing the problems and providing feedback on their resolution. This leads to increased awareness on what the municipality is doing, leading to improved trust between government, councilors and the people. CitizenComm will also be used to forewarn citizens of on-coming disasters, direct constituents to emergency medical aid, and prevent the rape and abuse of women and children in communities It will also open-up decision making and bring people into the planning process through public polls and detecting social trends.

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