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Mohamed Mahmoud

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It’s the opportunity to save humans, it has been noticed that a lot of persons/ Medical institutions faced many problem to find a fresh Blood group to save patient’s life which will threat their lives , accordingly we need introduce a new initiative smart way would be used on smartphones/PC’s to make searching process easier than before . Creating an application which will support persons who are searching for Blood groups , this application would be created after establishing an agreement with “Egyptian Blood Bank” and the below is an example for searching mechanism that would be introduced through our application. • Donor : 1.As we know that the male donor can donate every three months, while female donor can give blood every four months, the donor will submit his personal details ( Governorate, Name, Contacts and regular donation date ) on the application . 2.The medical institution which will receive the donor blood also will submit/ensure the above mentioned information to confirm donor’s data registration, through his mobile number . 3.The smart application will send SMS as a reminder to the donor before the regular donation date . • Searcher : -The Searcher will search through selecting his governorate and needed blood group accordingly he will find the donor and could contact him directly .

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