Mohammed Olimat

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Our prime objective is to assist the community when it comes to rent, Buy, and lease a property whatever it is “ Land, House, Apartment, Office” by listing it then filter it by desired targeted group interest and behaviour to get fast and best results. The current process of listing or finding a property is complex and has some trust issues “Brokers, Agencies, street ads” for both the person who want to buy or rent and the person who wants to list, therefore we aim to create a platform where the person can find all the information related to his search criteria and close the deal without getting in the paradox of an agency or touring in the streets to find an available property instead, the user will be one click away of getting his ideal search result based on his specific interests, Also, No hidden fees which cause trust issues in the searching process. Goals 1-To list all the properties in one dedicated 2-location. 2-Provide the customer a property that match their desired location, Price and criteria. 3-Provide updated information and criteria of the property. 4-Provide owner information, Agent history and background.

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