Orange Fab Ivory Coast

Who are we?
Orange Fab Ivory Coast is Orange group’s first growth accelerator for start-ups in Africa. It is a vector of innovation and growth. Some examples include:
– integration of start-ups solutions with Orange platforms to facilitate the delivery of services to customers;
– opportunities of cooperation with other Ivory Coast-based Orange entities (Technocentre, GOS);
– participation to local fairs and salons (e.g. SARA 2015 about agriculture);
– finance your project with “Orange Collecte”, a crowdfunding platform using Orange Money.

Season 3 (September 2016)
Why not you? Fabulously yours!

Season 2 (since September 2015)
Four start-ups have started the second season.
– Two foreign start-ups evolving respectively in the fields of management and marketing of financial data (IFC Consulting), and the availability of vehicle and private drivers (IZICAB)

– Two local start-ups offering technical solutions for the travel industry (Allys Ltd) and mobile digital advertising (PubCell Holding).

Season 1 (September 2014)
In one year, Orange Fab has been able to facilitate foreign start-ups’ access to the Ivorian market. With our help:
– mPharma, from Orange Fab Israel, opened an office in Ivory Coast. We are working with them on some major projects in the pharmaceutical field;
– Cardiologs, from Orange Fab France, began discussions with the Cardiology Institute of Abidjan.
– Afrimarket’s launch in Ivory Coast is a realization of Orange Fab’s promise, to facilitate access to all the markets we are involved in, for the start-ups we support.


“Our essential purpose is to bring change to the entrepreneurs with passion and the will to create value.” – Sadamoudou Kaba, director

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