National voting is over: grats to the winners of the public's prize!

The Orange Social Venture Prize 2017 features two votes, one country-based (now over) and another one set to oppose (in September) the qualified applicants from all African and Middle Eastern participating countries.

Besides getting some enjoyment out of watching and participating into what is basically a social competition, these public votes aim to provide communication opportunities around the projects in the contest. It is an incentive and a propitious time to make efforts to broadcast information about one’s idea, team, brand, even product or service for the projects that have already made it to the market. Wading into this battle of votes is in no way compulsory and the potential reward is mostly technical (you are shortlisted and the jury gets to review your application whatever the result of the internal evaluation process) and communicational. Sharing your enthusiasm can help you recruit supporters who will stick with your project long after the contest is over. The ability to persuade many others to support your project is obviously a valuable business quality in the eye of the jury members.

What is, in these circumstances, the best way to employ your energy in the service of your business project? For the national voting phase, we observe the mobilisation of some, on the social networks (mostly Facebook, less importantly Twitter and LinkedIn) and among family and friends, colleagues and fellow students, played a good part. Others chose to dedicate their time and intelligence to find ways to circumvent the rules of the game (one vote per person and per day for each project). We have analysed the logs and rectified the scores consequently. We will get in touch with the winners of the public’s prize in each country.

Congratulations to those who managed to gather support for their project and who got the “public’s prize”. The other candidates can still win the Prize, if their projects make it through the Orange internal evaluation process.