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    Are you leading a small business in Africa or the Middle East? Listen to the advice of entrepreneurs who, from the idea to the projecand then to the start-upstage, have had to deal with the same issues you face, and discover the array of services Orange offers to doers like you!...
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    Jambar Tech Lab is a program launched by CTIC Dakar with the support of INFODEV (World Bank). Its principal goal is to manage firms in Central and West Africa in their development of innovative digital products replicable in several countries of the region. The selected products w...
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    In the AfricaCom Awards (Cape Town, SA), on November 16, Orange has announced the winners of the 6th edition of the business plan contest it organises in Africa and the Middle East for the 6th consecutive year. The winners emerge from a pool of 749 candidates after a long process of evaluati...
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    The values of emerging and frontier market currencies tend to be volatile against major international currencies such as the US dollar or euro. For example, in 2015/16, the South African rand has seen huge fluctuations in its value. Imagine you were a South Africa-based company with...
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    • Structure your presentation Do not rely on your charisma and your passion to get your message across. Organize the different parts of your pitch logically, be it for an oral presentation or with the help of a computer. • Practice it Try your prese...
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    What should I know before starting an e-commerce business?
    With internet access fast increasing, bolstered by smartphone ownership, countries across Africa...
  • How do I land my first client
    What should I know before building a disruptive app?
    So you have an idea for an app and think it might...
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    Where can I find people to test my business idea?
  • Ten rules for entrepreneurs to live by
    When is the right time to study an MBA?
  • Comment présenter mon projet
    How do I pitch my project?
    • Structure your presentation Do not rely on your charisma and your...
  • Comment organiser mon actionnariat
    How to organise my shareholding?
    Shareholder Agreement Three factors have an impact on the laws and statutes...
  • Alex Mwaura Muriu - How we made it in Africa
    Running a start-up with a full-time job? Hard work, but not impossible
  • Comment identifier et approcher des partenaires potentiels pour mon projet
    How to identify and approach potential partners for my project
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    How to best deal with changes in currency value that affect my business?
    The values of emerging and frontier market currencies tend to be volatile...
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    How can I stand out from the crowd at conferences and exhibitions?
    Industry conferences and exhibitions help companies gain exposure and develop new leads....
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    How do I increase the visibility of my business on social media?
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    How can I create a high-performance culture in my start-up?