• Président Fondation ONI Brelotte Ba Brelotte Ba
    Président Fondation ONI
  • SG Fondation ONI Inoussa Arima Inoussa Arima
    SG Fondation ONI
  • Pôle M/RSE Zeinabou Chetima Zeinabou Chetima
    Pôle M/RSE
  • Chef Division Marketing Ismael Touré Ismael Touré
    Chef Division Marketing
  • DG Banque Asusu SA Moussa Rekia Moussa Rekia
    DG Banque Asusu SA
  • DG CIPMEN Almoktar Allahoury Almoktar Allahoury
  • Managing Director, Mougani Wahidi Rabiou Wahidi Rabiou
    Managing Director, Mougani
  • Fondation Orange Djamila Ferdjani Djamila Ferdjani
    Fondation Orange
About the Orange Social Venture Prize 2017 The contest is about to begin. To get an early start on designing your application documents, we suggest you read the rules and the frequently asked questions.
Take also a look at Entrepreneur Club for valuable pieces of advice on entrepreneurship.
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